Adult Braces

Which Braces are best for Adults? 

Getting braces as an adult can be a difficult undertaking, not only affecting self-esteem but also daily living. Choosing the right braces option can provide the personalized treatment your smile needs while also maintaining aesthetics throughout the course of care. It’s important to receive orthodontic care from a gentle and compassionate orthodontist who can offer multiple options to correct the smile.

Adults sometimes need braces to correct alignment relapse, or to fix bite issues which can damage the smile. As patients age, teeth can be worn down significantly, but braces can adjust the smile to increase the longevity of the smile. 

Louis F. Mascola, DDS, offers the following braces options for adults:

Traditional Braces: As a proven treatment method, traditional braces align teeth using metal wires and brackets. Tailored to individual smiles, this treatment can correct severe tooth misalignment and overbite. These function well as a comprehensive treatment, and can help your smile become more uniform. 

Incognito® Braces: Known as lingual braces, these are placed on the back side of teeth. This provides a natural tooth appearance throughout treatment. Completely invisible, Incognito® braces allows adult patients to retain a professional appearance throughout the alignment process. 

The Damon® System: Also known as self-ligating brackets, this unique bracket technology evenly distributes pressure to each tooth, ensuring even alignment and uniform results. Additionally, these brackets are small and can be made with a clear plastic material. Damon® system braces offer a comfortable, even alignment treatment to many adults. 

Invisalign®: For moderate to light alignment issues, Invisalign® is a convenient and cosmetically appealing treatment option well known to many patients. Removable and almost invisible, this unique aligning system allows adults to continue daily life without interruption. As treatment aligners are provided in sets, patients switch out aligners at predesignated intervals to advance treatment. 

Which Treatment is Right for Me?

Dr. Mascola offers these braces options so adults can enjoy the benefits of a full and beautiful smile. Designed to offer the most comfortable treatment possible, all of our braces can correct dental issues, and it’s our goal to find the right treatment for every patient. 

If you have crooked teeth, gaps, or jaw issues, our compassionate dental team can help. Contact us for an appointment.