How Invisalign® Can Help You

Invisalign is an advanced braces treatment that foregoes traditional metal wires and brackets, replacing them with customized acrylic aligners. These clear aligners offer the chance for many to achieve a straight smile comfortably and with confidence. The trusted brand can treat minor to moderate alignment issues in the smile, from tooth spacing to crossbite. Invisalign treatment is best used to treat dental problems in teen and adult smiles. 

Freedom for your Smile

Invisalign aligners offer a unique orthodontic experience, providing orthodontic treatment without the hassle of bulky metal braces. The clear acrylic aligners are nearly transparent, showing the color of natural teeth instead of metal. A smile is crucial to self-confidence, and Invisalign treatment gives teens and adults the chance to maintain pride in their smile while taking pictures, laughing, and smiling normally. 

Convenient Treatment

Your custom aligners are removable, making mealtimes and maintenance easy. This also allows patients to brush and floss normally, without requiring the use of special cleaning tools or constant care. Depending on each patient, treatment can be complete within six months, resulting in rapid treatment time. Although the clear aligners are removable, they are resilient to daily wear and tear and retain their fit to the smile.

Treatment is progressed gradually, with a new set of aligners replacing the old every two weeks. Your dentist monitors the efficiency of your treatment between each new set. For teens, Invisalign includes compliance indicators which fade from blue to clear to help indicate when the next set needs to be implemented. After the old set is complete, your orthodontist can measure how efficient the treatment is progressing and adjust alignment.

Achieve a Bright Smile

Invisalign treatment best helps teens and adults whose smiles have stopped developing. Adults who never received the benefits of braces can straighten their smile with Invisalign clear braces. Individuals who are experiencing alignment relapse can also turn to this method of braces treatment.

For all your Invisalign questions and needs, please call the practice of Louis F. Mascola, DDS, who provides full-service orthodontic care. We look forward to helping you.