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Orthodontic care can be crucial to having a beautiful, healthy smile. Besides having a misaligned smile, continued teeth alignment problems can cause the bite to be misaligned, affecting normal chewing habits and weakening the strength of the smile. Although braces are one of the best ways to correct the smile, our dentist offers the Damon system as an alternative. With self-ligating technology, this offshoot from traditional braces has smaller brackets, and is gentler on the smile. Patients young and old can enjoy this system, offering effective treatment time and a complete smile. 

How the Damon® System Works

Although similar to traditional braces, this system relies on unique technology that separates it from other braces options. One of the key components is a special wire that is self-correcting, and naturally seeks to bend itself back into the original shape. When placed in the smile, it applies pressure evenly to teeth, and pushes them back into a uniform shape. The other components are the self-ligating brackets, which allow the wire to shift naturally, meaning fewer visits for hardware adjustment, and a treatment process that lets teeth move into their proper place. Regular braces tend to put pressure on teeth unevenly, placing more pressure on certain teeth than others. Louis F. Mascola, DDS is proud to offer Damon® System Braces for an aligned smile using a more natural means of teeth adjustment. 

Benefits of the Damon® System

The Damon® system offers many benefits to individuals in need of braces. For adults that have severely misaligned teeth, these braces can adjust the smile better than traditional braces. With smaller brackets, they can be more cosmetically pleasing, and we can even make some of the brackets clear. When receiving treatment, no headgear or spacers are necessary to achieve a uniform smile. Below are some of the other benefits:

Faster treatment
Less doctor visits
More comfortable treatment
Cosmetically pleasing. 

How to get your Damon® Braces

Visit our practice for a braces consultation, where we will see how we can correct the smile. Using modern technology, we scan your smile and plan ahead for treatment. Dr. Mascola provides tailored orthodontic care to every patient we see. 

If you think Damon® braces are right for you, call us today.