Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen® in San Pedro, CA

Some patients feel that traditional metal braces are uncomfortable or aesthetically unappealing, however their ability to provide young patients with ideally straight smiles is effective.  At the San Pedro practice of Dr. Louis Mascola, we provide young patients with equally reliable options for discrete and comfortable dental care through Invisalign Teen®.

These clear orthodontic trays allow our patients to achieve their ideal smile aesthetic without losing confidence. To schedule your child’s exam and consultation for Invisalign Teen, contact Dr. Mascola today.

Discrete Treatment for Growing Smiles

While traditional clear aligners are rarely an option for teens and younger patients to use, Invisalign Teen is specifically designed to work with growing smiles. One of the core reasons bonded orthodontic appliances are preferred for younger patients is that it does not rely on patients to comply with wearing their treatment. Invisalign Teen trays come with compliance indicators that show whether your child has been wearing their trays for the necessary length of time. This helps parents and our San Pedro clear braces provider to monitor the progress of your child’s treatment, and to help keep patients on track with their orthodontic care.

In addition to the indicators that determine whether patients are wearing their aligners, these trays come with tabs for budding teeth. These spaces are kept open to ensure that as adult teeth erupt, they can be incorporated into a patient’s ongoing treatment.

Maintaining Diet and Hygiene

Keeping a healthy diet is important for growing bodies, but can be difficult when foods are restricted due to their effect on metal braces. With these clear aligners, patients remove their appliance during meals, and can maintain their regular diet. Fibrous foods such as chicken, steak, and certain vegetables can continue to be eaten, and only require basic brushing and flossing before placing the trays. Oral hygiene remains easy for young patients, and only requires the additional cleaning of the orthodontic trays.

More Comfort, Greater Freedom

Teens regularly report that Invisalign Teen causes little or no discomfort, and does not interfere with daily activities. The discretion provided by our San Pedro clear aligners allows your child to achieve a straighter smile without losing any confidence or contributing to social anxiety.

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