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Successful orthodontic care requires experience, dedication, and adaptable procedures that can be tailored to each smile. Louis F. Mascola, DDS, is your trusted orthodontist, offering a number of orthodontic options designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you're looking tried and true metal orthodontia or considering a more cosmetic alternative with clear braces, Dr. Mascola is dedicated to helping patients achieve a beautiful, confident smile. 

Protecting the Smile with Braces

Orthodontia doesn't just improve dental alignment and aesthetics. From lowering the risk of decay and gingivitis to alleviating the symptoms caused by bruxism and TMD, braces can treat almost every aspect of the dentition, promoting improved oral and overall health. As a result, orthodontics by Dr. Mascola is a comprehensive care system that addresses the smile as a whole.

At Louis F. Mascola, DDS, our goal is to promote healthy smiles by providing patient-oriented treatment plans. Instead of telling patients what they need, we educate patients on their options. Using advanced technologies to create high-resolution images of the dentition and jaw, we help patients understand the condition of their smile and walk them through the pros and cons of their treatment options. By emphasizing patient education as well as prioritizing your smile goals, Dr. Mascola is able to create a unique orthodontic treatment plan that fits your smile.

Diverse Orthodontic Solutions at Every Age

We recognize that every smile has it's own  unique needs and work hard to provide solutions that fulfill your health needs and aesthetic goals. As a specialty orthodontic practice in Southern California, our team is able to offer a number of diverse treatment options, each of which can be tailored to specific smiles. Starting with Phase I and Phase II treatments for children, Dr. Mascola proactively works to ensure your child's smile develops properly, limiting the risk of future dental health problems in the future. 

In addition to childhood orthodontics, Dr. Mascola offers braces for adults and teens. Designed for individuals suffering from alignment relapse as well as those who have never had braces before, our adult braces options are tailored to address orthodontic issues without compromising the aesthetics of your smile. Our treatment options include Damon® and Smart Clip® self-ligating braces, clear braces from Invisalign®, and Incognito® aligners, which are hidden behind teeth. 

Patient-First Dental Care

Whether you're visiting our practice for a consultation or coming in for a follow-up appointment, our friendly staff welcomes all patients as part of our family. Beyond comprehensive orthodontics, our team strives to provide answers to any other questions you may have regarding care, including financing and post-treatment care. If you have any non-treatment specific questions, feel free to give our front office team a call - we're more than happy to walk you through your  goes out of its way to aid patients, with paperwork and going over treatment.  

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At Louis F. Mascola, DDS, our goal is to help all patients achieve lasting oral health and beautiful smiles. To learn more about our services, contact our orthodontist today to schedule your consultation