Traditional Braces Options from Louis F. Mascola

Achieving a uniform smile sometimes means undergoing some form of orthodontic treatment. Louis F. Mascola, DDS, provides diverse braces options that correct malocclusion while preserving and improving oral health. By providing gentle orthodontics care to children, teens, and adults, Dr. Mascola and his team make it possible for patients at every age to enjoy a confident smile and full dental function. 

How do I know when I need Braces?

Malocclusion, or when the upper and lower aren’t properly aligned, can be caused by a number of factors. From crowded or protruding teeth to over and underbite, malocclusion problems can range in severity as well as impact. In addition to overt alignment problems, subtle malocclusion issues can also cause lasting damage to the dentition and jaw, requiring more extensive treatment later on. Jaws can be too small for the many teeth you have, which causes soreness and possible teeth fracturing. 

Comprehensive Braces Treatment

Braces work by gently pushing misaligned or crowded teeth into a more uniform position. Brackets are affixed to each tooth with cement, and then metal wires are attached that apply pressure to the smile. Over the course of treatment, Dr. Mascola makes regular adjustments to the appliance, guiding teeth into the right place in the smile.
For patients with alignment issues stemming from severe jaw malocclusion, extensive treatment with jaw expanders may be necessary. Also known as a palatal expander, this appliance is used to help widen the upper jaw to ensure better alignment between the arches and improve the bite. In serious cases, some oral surgery may be needed to correct the smile, but this is only for rare cases of teeth misalignment and jaw problems. 

Children often benefit from receiving early braces treatment broken into phases based on dental development. Known as Phase I and Phase II intervention, children receive their first round of treatment starting around age 7. During Phase I treatment, early-onset crossbite or overbite are corrected ensuring the proper development of the jaw in order to accommodate future adult teeth. Successful Phase I treatment can help limit the treatment time necessary Phase II Orthodontics, during which traditional braces correct lingering malocclusion problems. Children often enjoy the opportunity to customize brackets or bands to match their personality.  

Damon® System Braces

These braces offer a different orthodontics option while still retaining most of the traditional orthodontic structure. While Damon® braces still use wire to guide dental repositioning, each bracket has an independent mechanism which allows the wire apply pressure to each individual tooth. Known as self-ligating braces, this system allows for an even more gentle treatment, and can still provide the straight smile that patients deserve. 

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Louis F. Mascola, DDS is proud to offer complete dental and orthodontic treatment to each of our patients. If your teeth look crowded, or you feel that your smile is misaligned, contact your local orthodontist.